Why Telemedicine?

  • Since national expertise is usually scarce in rare anaemias, a significant number of patients remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. This makes impossible offering a proper prognosis, treatment and genetic counseling, increasing patient and patient’s family anxiety.
  • Telemedicine platform facilitates remote diagnosis orientation of complex cases by building a bridge among health professionals in distant locations and experts in rare anaemias. This allows a faster and more accurate diagnosis driving to a better care of the patient.


for remote diagnosis of complex cases

Our Objectives

  • Facilitate the access to diagnosis advice given by experts in rare anaemias in order to decrease the time needed for its achievement, resolve complex cases and reduce the number of patients remaining undiagnosed.
  • Promote interprofessional consultation and sharing of knowledge through the exchange of clinical information resulting in the improvement of patient care.
  • Foster research and education by providing the medical community with a tool that allows concentrate cases, pooling data, and establish algorithms for efficient diagnosis.
  • Create a telemedicine platform for the provision of remote diagnosis and medical advice to health professionals dealing with rare anaemias.

Your benefits

  • Do not feel alone, share your complex cases easily and securely via Internet and increase your knowledge on rare anaemia diagnosis.
  • When needed, a national expert will contact you and will present your case in a peer-to-peer expert group through the platform.
  • You do not need a specific formation to use the platform since it is user friendly and intuitive.
  • Reduce the cost of and increase efficiency through shared health professional staffing or technology, and reduced travel times.

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